Infratech organisers

Infratech organisers

Infratech is being organised by five key organisations in the infrastructure sector:

INFRA ry          INFRA – Infra Contractors Association in Finland 

1 500 member companies. Combined revenue 4,5 billion € and personnel 16 000 employees. Member companies build and maintain
roads, streets, railways, waterways, harbors and airports, parks and sports grounds, pipelines, sewer networks, power-distribution networks, telecommunications networks
...and produce aggregates that are vital for all construction.

Contact information: tel. +358 (0)9 12 991,

Twitter @infra_ry, Facebook @INFRAry, LinkedIn, YouTube 


KIVO ryKIVO Finland 

KIVO Finland represents public waste management. Members of KIVO are 31 municipally owned waste companies and municipalities. KIVO members organize waste management for residents in a cost-effective and responsible manner in cooperation with private companies and producer organizations. We make sure that waste management works safely and healthily in all conditions. And the same time municipal waste management is promoting the circular economy.

Contact information: tel. +358 (0)44 237 2894,

Twitter @SuomenKIVO, Facebook @SuomenKIVO, LinkedIn, Youtube  


SKTYFinnish Association of Municipal Engineering - FAME 

Contact information:, 

Twitter @kuntatekniikka, Facebook  @kuntatekniikka 


STY                  Finnish Road Association   

Contact information: tel. +358 (0)20 786 1000,, 

Twitter @tieyhdistys, Facebook @tieyhdistys, Instagram @tieyhdistys  


VVY           Finnish Water Utilities Association - FIWA   

FIWA is the co-operation and member association of the Finnish water and wastewater utilities. FIWA's membership includes about 300 Finnish water utilities which cover about 90 % of water services in Finland. In addition FIWA has over 160 collaborating members (companies, institutes, etc.).

Contact information: tel. + 358 (0)9 8689 010,,

Twitter @suomenvesi, Facebook @jokapaivaonvesipaiva, LinkedIn, Youtube